Email Marketing Saves Time and Money

Email Marketing

The ones who work in sales have definitely come across the issue of choosing the method that will keep them in the focus of the potential customer until their next reunion or until the customer decides it is time to buy. The most common situation is the following:

Email Marketing Saves Time and Money

It so happens that you are in contact with a potential customer and they have accepted for you to meet. You have had a positive discussion, but, for a good reason and regardless of how prepared you are in the ‘art’ of sales, they tell you that this is not the moment for them to become your partner and you will have to wait. Until their agreement with their current provider expires, until they launch the tender, or for any other reason (and reasons are many).
If you reach this point, you may naturally wonder:
–    How often may I call or visit them so that I remain in their focus (so that they don’t forget me)?
On the other hand, you may not abuse the time and patience of the person by bombarding them with telephone calls and visits. Then there are the costs, we should not forget the costs, which can be huge in case of many visits without a positive outcome. And things can get quite complicated if your boss is not the most patient person on the planet.
E-mail MarketingA very good solution for remaining in the subconscious of the customer, potential, as well as current, is to use Email Marketing. It’ll help you transmit your messages and develop your image, and it can all be done with minimum costs. There are several advantages that the use of this communication channel can bring you, and you can find them all here. But what is worth emphasising is that by using the Reports provided by the Email Marketing platform you can visualize the level of interaction the addressees have with the content of your messages. For a sales person it is very useful to know what topics each and every addressee is interested in, as this may show what their specific needs are at that time. And this can be visualized by tracking the licks in your message that were clicked on. Last, but not least, you can see who has visited your website starting from a link in the message that you sent. This means they are getting information about your campaign and this is a good time for you to call them. Therefore, Email Marketing provides enough data and useful signals. All it comes down to now is for you to use it, do it sensibly and know how to interpret each report.

If the above has not convinced you, statistics probably will. These show that:

  • Email Marketing is one of the most effective channels to attract shopping. It is 40 times more efficient than Facebook.
  • 88% of marketing people say that email is the most efficient channel to generate leads.
  • For 73% of marketing specialists, Email Marketing is the base of business.

We are expecting you to efficiently build together: promotional campaigns, (informative) newsletters, messages for anniversaries or any type of holiday etc.
Be productive, get great leads and many conversions!

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