Ten Benefits AdWords Brings to the Promotion of Your Business

Google Adwords

Even though the AdWords promotion solution is not new, many business owners are unaware of the advantages that come with using it. In this article we have tried to keep clear of very technical terms and list the most important benefits.

Ten Benefits AdWords Brings to the Promotion of Your Business

·         AdWords delivers results

Regardless of your objectives:
– to get more sales
– to increase brand visibility
– to increase website traffic
– or a mix of the above
you get the best results when you choose the right type of campaign to be developed: Search, Display, Remarketing or a combination of these.

· Results are measurable

– unlike other advertising methods, AdWords enables you to measure vey many important parameters and primarily you can view the return on your investment. AdWords gives you answers to the following questions:
– hoe much money have I invested?
– how much do I have left in my account?
– what key words and ads have attracted clicks and for what costs?
– which of them generated sales and for what investment cost?
– etc.
You can use all this information to optimize your campaign.

· You only pay when your advertisement is clicked on (CPC)

Other online advertising platforms use the CPM payment system (cost-per-thousand-impressions). A displayed advertisement is not always a viewed advertisement. With CPC however, you are sure to pay only when someone has actually viewed your advertisement.
Moreover, by paying per click, you are sure that the ones who clicked on it was attracted by the content of the advertisement.
The views component is important as well, as it may influence the increase of brand visibility.
Therefore, the Cost per Click (CPC) is the most accurate and the most convenient way to pay at this time.

· Fast implementation

From the moment when the campaign is started until advertisements start being displayed the Google page and banners start being displayed on websites, everything happens very fast (minutes or several hours). Therefore, this can be very useful in situations such as promotions that have been very quickly decided upon or campaigns with a very short deadline.

· You may also compete without a high budget

Google result ranking system for the searches conducted is based on the relevance and quality of the information that each and every site provides in relation to the key words used for inquiry. This is primarily valid for organic displays, but also has a major influence on ranking paid advertisements. If you wish to get further information on how the ranking of paid advertisements is calculated and set by AdWords bid you can do it here.

What is important to understand is that you can get a higher ranking or your paid advertisement, even if your maximum CPC is not the highest in the bid. Use good key words, advertisements and landing page with a relevant content.

· AdWords provides Relevance

In the Search type campaign you can make the settings necessary for your advertisement to be seen solely by the target public that uses the keywords you have set, and by nobody else. This way, you know for sure that your budget is used only on searches that are related to what you are promoting.

· High targeting

The AdWords return on investment is very closely connected to the as accurate targeting of your campaign toward your target audience as possible. AdWords does that better than any other method because:
– It targets at LOCATION level – if you own a pizza delivery service in district 6 in Bucharest, you can set your campaign so that your advertisements be visible only to those who live in district 6 or are looking for pizza in district 6. Therefore, you can target geographical areas from country level to locality level or on a radius of x kilometres surrounding a locality.
– It targets at the level of the LANGUAGE – used by the ones who are inquiring the Google engine.
– you can activate the campaign in those days of the week and hours of the day when it best suits your business.
– you can choose for mobile owners to be primarily the ones who see your advertisements, and these advertisements will be optimized by AdWords so that they look good on a mobile. This is all the more important as the number of mobiles is constantly growing and their use has indeed exploded. It is precisely for this reason the mobile capabilities have also increased. Lately, after you have performed a mobile search for a product or a service you can place a call directly to the number displayed in the advertisement that you are interested in. Everything is quick and two clicks away.

· Remarketing (or Retargeting)

It is one of my favourite AdWords abilities. It is diabolically simple and efficient. The basic advantage of using remarketing is that it rushes the buying decisions of those who have visited your website previously.

· You can start with any budget

The daily budget to start with is your choice. It is important to monitor the results and adjust the budget as you go along.

· You can quickly bring your business to the first Google page

There is a saying in our field: “The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google search results.  Nobody will look there”. True to a great extent, this saying reflects an issue that those whose website is not well ranked in organic displays are confronted with. The immediate solution to their problem is AdWords. It’ll immediately place your advertisement, hence the link to your website, on the first page

I hope you found enough reasons to use Google AdWords. Contact us for a free consultancy session.


Eugen Zocsim

Manager Zocs Promotions si Expert Internet Marketing.